Susan Robinson

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Poke the hedgehog finds a colorful fleece and learns it is a warm winter hat for humans. His friends Ziggy the rabbit and Dash the squirrel help him try to find its owner. When they are unsuccessful, Poke announces "finders keepers" and makes it his Superpoke cape. He loves the soft toque! Then by accident, Poke learns who the hat really belongs to. What will the little hedgehog do with Poke's Toque?

Poke's Toque is the much-requested sequel to When Poke Woke by Susan Robinson. Once again, our little hedgehog has a dilemma, and your child will love speculating about whether Poke will do the right thing. Illustrator Ezequiel Decarli is back drawing all your favorite characters--and some cool new ones! The autumn scenes provide the perfect backdrop to the story.

Rich language is at the heart of Poke's Toque. Children will have fun repeating the sound words and alliteration, and the high-level vocabulary sparks discussion. But the story's theme of being kind and doing the right thing makes Poke's Toque a timeless tale.

Available through Amazon and local booksellers.

Poke's Toque is available in Spanish!