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Classroom and Community Visits

Schedule your author visit today!

Classroom Visits

Parents, Teachers, Community

Workshops & Presentations

Children's Parties

Instill the idea that reading is exciting and books are fun ---invite Susan to your school!

As a Visiting Author, she can read, present to large groups and conduct individual class workshops.

10 Steps to a Dynamic Read-aloud

Don't Just Read Aloud--Trigger Your Child's Critical Thinking

Don't Just Read Aloud--Trigger Your Child's Creative Thinking

Make Reading Your Child's Favorite Activity

What Makes an Extraordinary Picture Book?

Best Picture Books for Baby/Toddler/Preschool-K/1-2

How to Read Wordless Picture Books

There's More to a Children's Book than Pictures and a Story

Write Your Own Picture Book

Write Your Own Story

Create Your Own Picture Book Cover

Activities at left



















As a former teacher, I know how hard it is to find money for special activities.

But with a little creative thinking and perseverence, you CAN secure funds for a  

Author visits...

1)  Encourage students (especially reluctant readers) to love books.

2)  Spur students' confidence in their writing ability.

3)  Stimulate creativity.

4)  Complement the class curriculum.

5)  Help students connect one-on-one with an author.

    !Bonus! Author visits are FUN!

How to Pay for an Author Visit

5 Reasons Author Visits Pay Off

for Kids

presentation or workshop that will inspire your students to love reading and writing, pique their creativity, and just be FUN!

35 [ingenious!] Ways to Fund Author Visits.

Class Workshops for grades 1-3

(plus Prek-K where marked):


During the COVID-19 quarantine, schedule a VIRTUAL visit!

Accordion-Fold Books (story elements)

5-finger (Glove) Books (story elements)

What's the Big Idea? (story ideas)

Splendid Sequel

Sticker Cartoons (story, dialogue)

What a Character!

Flower Power (character)

Emotional Masks (character)

Wanted Posters (character)

Poke's Moving Day (setting)

Never Ask a Hedgehog (class book)

Memory Box (sensory details)

Amazing Alliteration

Onomatopoeia (sound words)

Mini-Models: Pokey Pokes (sculpture)

Hokey Poke Dance

Poke Acting 101

How to Write a Book Like an Author

Only Trouble is Interesting (conflict)

The Hero's Journey (mapping)

5-Minute Poems

Spit-Polish Your Story (revision)

My Writing Toolkit (writer's notebook)

The Interview

Chalk Talks (dialogue)

Pokemoji (character emotions)

Character Mobile

Ready, Set, Action Verbs

"Poke's a Chestnut!" (metaphor)

Hello from my Vacation (techniques)

Scene Collage/Mosaic

We're (in a) Board (game)

Customize to Suit Your Curriculum