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Hedgehog gives away his hat, gloves, and mittens to his shivering friends. Will he make it safely through the storm?

Spiky Horace and Hattie try different ways of hugging. Will one feel just right?

Isaac likes being alone until an apple gets stuck on his back. Will he see the benefit in having a friend?

The original story by the Brothers Grimm.

Spike's prickles fall out, and he  searches for something to cover himself. What will do the trick?

Grandfather sends Mikko out into the world to learn how to be more ambitious. Can Mikko convince Grandfather that he is happy as he is?

Amelia despairs of ever being adopted, until one night she discovers her superpower.

The hedgehogs' music is so infectious everyone wants to join in.

Henny and Hedgie try everything to keep Tomten from stealing Henny's eggs. Which idea will work?