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Susan's Books

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Say His Name: A Mother's Grief

You never get over the death of your child.

My newest book is the true story of my son's death and my deep, prolonged grief.

Experience our hospital vigil, grief tornadoes that strike out of nowhere, crumbling friendships, and my search for answers.

It's not all sad--the support of our family and friends is inspiring, and Collin's irrepressible personality will make you laugh out loud.

Most of all, learn that grief is a reflection of love, and does not need to be fixed.         More...

Poke speaks Spanish! 

Available through Amazon and local booksellers.

Follow the adventures of Poke the hedgehog and his friends, and see how they avoid the clutches of The Mangy Mongrel.    Read more...

Available through Amazon and local booksellers.

Poke's newest adventure! Poke loves his newfound hat, but what will he do when he learns whom it really belongs to?  Read more...